kittywallpaperI’ve always enjoyed changing the wallpaper of my computer and phone. This was one of the reasons why I made Kitty Flavor Wallpaper. I wanted to practice creating one myself.

For the cat I used the following reference. I know it doesn’t look anything like the reference, but I used it to have an idea of the position for the body of the cat when sitting down. Of course the bodies have been repeated as well as the head, though the eyes have been changed to make them seem different. I also modified the tail to make it look active. I made some triangles so they seemed more like tabbies and I added white to their paws since I like cats with white paws or boots.

If you have seen my logo or the blog related to the kitty badge, the cat which is winking, has been used for those projects. For this project, it has been my first time making a ribbon and messing around with the typography, normally I leave it as is. If you’re interested in viewing the tutorial I used for the ribbon you may view it here. As for the background, I used the gradient tool to keep the wallpaper simple.

Kitty Cat Flavor Wallpaper
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