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Lately I’ve been watching tutorials by Mark Crilley and this one has stood out: How to Make a Paper Craft Chibi Robot.  So as a request I have been busy working on this Mini Paper Robot project.

As you can see in the link of the video it has two parts and it also includes links to the templates for making the paper robot. I tried to follow through with the main part of the tutorial; though for the templates I decide to make them in Illustrator just in case I wanted to do more than one paper robot. If I’d done the templates in pencil they would be harder to fix when making a mistake in the measurements. By printing the templates I only had to make some minor adjustment. Of course I did a few tests with a normal type of paper before working on a thicker type of paper for the final project.

I wanted to do this paper robot with watercolors, but when you need something it always tends to disappear so I ended up using acrylic. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with traditional materials especially acrylic. I’ve done more things with color pencils since it seems to me quicker and less messy, but being stuck with no other option (unable to find my watercolor pencils) I’ve tried to 2014-10-22 11.45.31do my best with what I got.

I decided to use the colors gray and red as the primary colors because they seemed more like the kind of colors you would find in metal objects. I would have used blue and green as in the video, but I felt like the robot looked more like Frankenstein and I was going for something more ordinary. The rest of the colors used for the details were the ones I had available at the moment.

The hardest part of making the Mini Paper Robot was of course making the details. I didn’t have the proper brushes so I had a hard time doing the fine lines and circles. Also, it was a very slow process since you had to wait for the acrylic to dry in order for you to continue painting. So I guess I spent more time waiting than actually painting, but overall it was fun.



Mini Paper Robot
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