Alien LemmingSo, here we have an Alien Lemming. You might be wondering why I’ve decide to call him that. Of course because I started out wanting to make an alien but when I finished the project it turned out to have a lot of similarities with a lemming. I guess that it’s for this that I decide to call him Alien Lemming.

The truth is that the colors are not the same as the original lemming of the video game. You can see here they are green hair and orange color skin, wearing a blue toga style attire. Mine has purple skin and blue hair with an orange robe as you can see.

I did this alien artwork with color pencils which I love to work with. For the background I tried out a technique you’ll probably find in this book: The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques. It’s a very interesting book for learning techniques with color pencil and I think it’s a must have if you like working with this medium. I haven’t had the chance to develop mine jejeje since I passed on to digital…Alien Lemming was done around 10 to 15 years ago! On to newer mediums 😉 .

Alien Lemming
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