BunnyHere we have a black and white bunny rabbit done with charcoal. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with this medium. It may have been at least ten years! I kinda miss working with this kind of material, even though it can be pretty messy. I like the way things stand out with black and white. Too much color, sometimes can be overwhelming to look at, but in this case my feeling is that you can see clearly there’s a bunny popping out.

This bunny wasn’t supposed to be a bunny. I just wanted to fill two pages of my sketchbook with a doodle. I think I started out with the half circle of the head and went on to the make one of the ears. It started looking more like a bunny so I continued with the eyes for which I used a small metal stencil that makes small lines and circle. I finally added a fixative spray which is why it looks kind of shiny.

Black and White Bunny
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