manga-girlThis happy little manga girl was the first project I did in trying to make a manga character.

She may need some adjustments of course ;). This is due to the fact that even though she looks similar to a manga character in reality, I did not use the actual facial proportions of this type of character. I went with the idea that just making the eyes big would be sufficient. Another detail with the eyes is that there is no actual light source. I guess I didn’t have that in mind when a made her and that is why her eyes may look a little bit odd.

For the hair I went with a simple form since a didn’t want to complicate myself. The color choice is basically because my hair is brown (not that I wanted a self portrait) and I didn’t want to have to think about that too much.

The blouse was going to be more of a vintage style, though I don’t think I obtained it with this one. I added a few accessories so she wouldn’t look so plain in white.

Normally I make my own backgrounds, but in this case I downloaded for free the pattern called Swirly Curls by Createsk8 in order to finish the project with a wallpaper background look.


Happy Little Manga Girl
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